When you’re in Caramoan, you have to go island-hopping! We have some of the most stunning islands and beaches in the country.

There are 14 islands open to travelers, categorized according to location, East side islands and West side islands. You need two full days of island-hopping if you want to visit all of them.

East Side:
1. Tinago Beach — a hidden sanctuary that only locals know about
2. Lahos Beach — a stunning beach, which partly goes underwater during high tide
3. Matukad Beach — a beautiful beach that offers a stunning view of the other islands, and the home of the Mystical Milkfish
4. Cadbalingad Beach
5. Busdac Beach
6. Mini Lahos Beach
7. Yupakit Beach

West Side:
1. Manlawe Sandbar
2. Cohivas Beach
3. Guinahoan Lighthouse
4. Sab-Hang Laya Beach
5. Bag-lug Beach
6. Balite Beach
7. Caglago Shrine — 537 steps to get to the shrine, which is 800 feet above sea level

Al Del Rio also has an exclusive beach property, which is available for beach barbecues and overnight beachineering for a small fee.